The simple and intuitive way to track your baby's care.
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Apple Watch App Case Study: Baby Loggy

Baby Loggy® helps you track your baby's breast feedings, bottle feedings, milk pumping, diaper changes, sleeping times, bath times, growth measurements, medications, milestones, notes and more!
Apple Watch Features
  • Create new care entries directly from your Apple Watch.
  • Create a new reminder from your Apple Watch.
  • Glance to see your most recent entries and reminders.
  • Receive reminder alerts for the next feeding, pumping and medication times.
Baby Loggy Features
  • Timers for breast feeding, bottle feeding, pumping, sleeping and bath times.
  • Reminders to alert you when the next feeding and pumping is due.
  • Track bottle feeding times and amounts fed.
  • Pump log to track breast milk pumping.
  • View a summary of recent feedings, average minutes and amounts fed per day.
  • Send an email summary of all of your baby's care to yourself, a caregiver, or to your doctor.
  • Track more than one baby, whether you have twins or multiples.
  • Track your baby's measurements including; weight, height and head size.
  • Track your baby's medications. Add your own medication types and units.
  • Keep notes about milestones, solid food, and any of your baby's activities.
  • Simple and clean interface.
  • No annoying banner ads.
The free version has a limit of 200 entries. Upgrade to the full version to save unlimited entries.

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